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Packages that use Model

Uses of Model in us.nj.nwk.overlapping_analysis

Methods in us.nj.nwk.overlapping_analysis that return Model
 Model View.getModel()
          Returns the model

Constructors in us.nj.nwk.overlapping_analysis with parameters of type Model
Controller(Model model, View view, int view_type)
          Constructs a new Controller.
Java3DController(Model model, Java3DView view)
          Constructs a new Java3DController
Java3DView(Model model)
Model.ModelEvent(Object source, Model mod)
NetBeansModuleController(Model model, NetBeansModuleView view)
          Constructs a new SwingController
NetBeansModuleView(Model model)
PropController(Model model, PropView view)
PropertiesEditorController(Model model, PropertiesEditorView view)
          Creates a new instance of PropertiesEditorController
PropertiesEditorView(Model model)
          Creates a new instance of PropertiesEditorView
PropView(Model mod)
          Creates new form PropView
SwingController(Model model, SwingView view)
          Constructs a new SwingController
SwingView(Model model)
          Constructs a new SwingView
ToolbarController(Model model, Java3DModel java3d_model, ToolbarView view)
          Constructs a new SwingController
ToolbarView(Model model, Java3DModel java3d_model)
TreeController(Model model, TreeView view)
TreeView(Model model)
View(Model model, int view_type)
          Constructs a new View