Class StandAlone

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public class StandAlone
extends Object

The E-Brain Builder is a graphical tool for viewing and manipulating multiple reconstructed neurons. The neurons will be scanned in using neurolucida by Laszlo Zuborsky and his collaborators who have many reconstruction of neurons in Rat brain. Each reconstruction contains a neuron and some fiducial markers and perhaps also a contour of the cortex. The aim is to construct a virtual brain containing all the neurons correctly located in space. To do this the E-Brain Builder allows the neuron to be moved, rotated, scaled and sheared in space.

The small talk MVC pattern is used as the basic structure of the system. The E-BrainBuilder class has a main method which instantiates the Model, View and Controller.

The Model stores all the applications state: the project information, the application's mode, etc. The Views represents the model graphically, and receives events when the Model is changed. The Controllers responds to user events in the Views and consequently update the model.


Constructor Summary
StandAlone(File file)
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
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public StandAlone()


public StandAlone(File file)
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)