NMLParser - an XML - object serializer for python


The package is:

To run, type:
make run
From the README:
An XML - python object serializer / deserializer.

To run the test:
	cd src

This reads in the test XML file "test-net.xml" and its
schema "test-net.sch" and populates objects defined
in the file.

The only file needed is the "" library 
which provides the main methods for:

Reading schema:
	# Read in a schema:-
	netSchema = parseSchemaFile("test-net.sch")
Reading XML:
	# Read in a data file:-
	tree = parseXMLFile("test-net.xml", locals(), netSchema)

Writing XML:
	# Write out an object 
	print serializeObject(tree, netSchema)

Files in src/ directory:
	test-net.sch	- defines the classes and fields.
	test-net.xml	- defines an instance XML network    - includes generic parser/generator       - a short test routine.

The docs/ directory includes versions of the schema format
defined using itself, which may be of reference interest.

Fred Howell
Oct 2005