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V.5 Tutorial 5: Snap a network to the grid

In Figures 18 and 19 from the previous tutorial, it appears that networks containing only two populations can start to look unclear. The use of subnetworks can help having a clearer view of the network design, but with a network containing maybe 100 population nodes, things can become horribly messy. In the network design tool, there is a facility which allow an automatic layout of network elements. This tutorial will explain how to use it.

In order to run this tutorial, you need a copy of JarInspector.jar which is under copyright. Therefore you need to ensure that your version of JarInspector.jar is properly licensed (see there). Run the GuiKit as explained in section II.B of this manual. Load the model called untidy.xml. Open the network design panel corresponding to network1 in the model pkg1. An untidy network with lots of connections crossing one another should appear on the editing panel. In order to get a cleaner network, please click on "Snap to the grid" in the menu. That should open JarInspector. In the menu of JarInspector, please click on "File", "Save as", and select the current path. Type NetDesc.prj. Save the file and close JarInspector. Close the window of JarInspector. Resize the window of the Network Design Panel. The network should be much clearer (Figure 22).


Figure 22: A clear and tidy network.