The NEOSIM project developed tools for large scale systems modelling of the nervous system, integrating computational models ranging from the sub-cellular to the whole brain level. The NEOSIM framework is based on parallel discrete event simulation techniques, whereby simulation components are distributed across a parallel machine or network and communicate using timestamped events.

NEOSIM simulation models are specified in the NeuroML declarative XML model specification language.

The NEOSIM project was funded by a Human Brain Project grant from the National Institutes of Health, #MH-57358, 1997-2001.

The follow-on project is NeuroGems which has developed a number of modules related to neuroinformatics models and data.


June 2005 NeuroML sourceforge site available
A sourceforge site is now available for contributing to the NeuroML XML standards for models.

June 2005 New collection of neuroinformatics modules
The NeuroGEMS site includes a number of modules related to the follow-on project to Neosim funded by the UK MRC eScience programme.