Package neosim.implementation

Class Summary
ConnectionImpl A connection links a source entity/port to a destination entity/port, and has a delay.
ConnectionRequestImpl A connection request is the message which a source entity sends to a dest entity it wants to connect to.
ConnectionSpec A specification of a connection to make
DestMethodImpl The part of a general projection which runs on a destination entity and decides to fulfil/deny connection requests.
EventClassImpl This is a derived version of neosimclass for events
EventListImpl This class implements an event queue used internally to manage the list of future and deferred Events.
GeneralProjectionImpl A general projection defines a set of connections between two populations.
Grid3DPopulation A Population builder which constructs a 3D mesh of cells with a given start point / spacing.
NeosimClassImpl This stores the name, parent and ID of a class.
ParamConnectionSpec A parameterised connection spec Used for specifying individual connections with extra parameters.
PopulationBuilderImpl A population builder builds a number of entities of a given class and initialises each one according to its index in the population.
PopulationImpl A population is a collection of one or more entity handles.
PopulationNodeImpl A node of the population tree - just has a name and a parent node
PopulationTreeImpl A grouping node of the population tree - has a number of child population nodes
PopulationViewImpl A population view provides a way of referring to a collection of existing entities.
ProjectionImpl A projection stores a specification of a set of connections from one population onto another, and can be specified as an array of connections to make from output ports of source entities to input ports of destination entities.
SourceMethodImpl Connect from a specified output port to (potentially) all entities in destination population.